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Radiator Slim Fan Install
How to install a radiator electric slim fan with quick zip kit

Here we can show you how to install the fan with the quick mount zip kit

Place the fan on your radiator as if your ready to install it. Here you will grab your 4 black plastic mount tabs and insert them into the 4 grooves built into the fan. We recommend you use the 4 slots that form a X pattern. Center the holes on the mount tabs so when you look through them there is the thin mesh like radiator material. Your going to push a plastic rod through that material and its best to be as centered as you can. It will be pushed through and between two of the coolent tubes. Its best the plastic doesnt touch the coolent tubes. There are two top mount tab slots, two bottom and one slot on the left and right horizontal side but those will not usually be needed for a balanced mounting. In some cases you can use the other mount points, just use good judgement. 

Once your have your 4 tabs installed you can place a foam pad under the tab hole. Then grab a spring and place like so on the tab. Followed by a zip tie like strap that you will push through the radiator. It will pop out on the front or other side of the radiator and you can kinda pull tight. Do this for all 4 corners making sure your fan is installed straight and without stress. 

The last step is focus now on the front of the radiator where the 4 black plastic rods of the zip tie like straps poke out the front of the radiator. Place another foam pad on each rod. Then grab one of your 4 plastic clips or lock washer like disks. You will slide that down the rod and get 2 clicks after its tight. The spring on the other side will smash just a bit and provide tension so the kit holds the fan firm but not too tight. Now you can cut down the plastic strips so they dont stick out too far. Wire cutters or some scissors will work.    Your DONE!